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Office of Career, Technical, and Adult Education, Division of Adult Education and Literacy

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Contact and lead agency

Carla DeBose, Technical College System of Georgia

Office of Adult Education
1800 Century Place N.E., Suite 300
Atlanta, GA 30345

Phone: 404-679-5257
Fax: 404-679-1630

Professional development system

The Technical College System of Georgia's Adult Education Department and the University of Georgia (UGA) comprise the state professional development system. The annual statewide professional development plan is developed by the Adult Education Department staff and led by the Professional Development Coordinator. Professional Development needs are determined by National Reporting System guidelines, statewide needs assessments of teachers and administrators and by review of professional development evaluations of all training sessions. From the above, statewide professional development is prioritized and the offerings are provided on a state-, regional- and local-level. In addition, UGA provides access to online professional development, conducts ongoing electronic research on issues relevant to adult education and warehouses resources for access by teachers and administrators.

STAR implementation

In Georgia, eight sites are participating in the project representing the northern, middle and southern regions. Each program is led by an administrator who oversees the project with at least two classes devoted to STAR instruction.

Teachers in the project are experienced in teaching, and at least two of the teachers have advanced training or degrees in reading. All sites have several of their intermediate-level teachers participating in the training and those who are not assigned STAR classes observe and provide support to the STAR pilot teachers. The administrators plan to expand their programs with these additional teachers.