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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What is STAR?
  • STudent Achievement in Reading (STAR) is a comprehensive training and professional development package built on strategies for evidence-based reading instruction that adult education instructors and administrators can use to increase the reading achievement of adults who read at the intermediate level (grade level equivalent 4.0 – 8.9). STAR can help improve reading outcomes among intermediate-level adult learners so that they can succeed in the workplace and in their daily lives.

    STAR is not a reading curriculum. It is a reading reform initiative that includes professional development, tools, and resources that will expand participants' knowledge of effective reading instruction and improve their ability to build local and state adult basic education (ABE) systems that support reading improvement.

    Through STAR training and professional development, adult education reading instructors and administrators will:

    • understand the elements of evidence-based reading instruction;
    • identify necessary resources including staff, time, materials, space, and feedback mechanisms; and
    • develop systems and procedures at the classroom, program, and state levels that support the implementation of evidence-based practices and make systemic changes to sustain evidence-based reading instruction.
  • Whom does STAR serve?
  • STAR is a professional development and training initiative for implementing evidence-based reading instruction with intermediate-level (grade level equivalent 4.0 – 8.9) adult basic education learners.

  • I am interested in reading more about STAR. What do you recommend?
  • To read more about the STAR research base, or what we know about how to teach reading effectively, please visit the Resources section of this site for links to additional research reports and organizations that are working to improve reading instruction. For STAR implementation information, see the Ready for STAR section for tools and resources that will help your state consider what it needs to do to prepare for STAR implementation.

  • What is State Trainer Certification?
  • STAR Trainer Certification was designed to support the long-term sustainability of STAR by giving states the opportunity to develop trainers to help sustain, expand, and ensure the integrity of evidence-based reading instruction. STAR partner states that have completed a full cycle of STAR training and technical assistance have the opportunity to nominate candidates that meet the specified prerequisites to provide STAR training and technical assistance to new and existing programs within their state.

    Accepted candidates will have one year to complete activities designed to acquire the content knowledge and skills necessary to train and provide technical assistance involved in implementing evidence-based reading instruction. All trainers who enter the certification process will have full access to the STAR Training Plans and Technical Assistance Planning guide and may use them to provide training and technical assistance services within their state during the certification process. Participants who are trained during the year-long process will also be given access to the STAR Tool Kit. Please see the Trainer Certification Overview for more information on certification. Trainers are required to complete a recertification process every three years in order to remain up to date with changes and updates in the STAR research base.

  • Is STAR a family literacy effort?
  • No, STAR is a professional development and training initiative for implementing evidence-based reading instruction with intermediate-level adult basic education learners. If you need resources and information on family literacy, we recommend speaking to your state director of adult education or visiting the National Center for Family Literacy Web site at

  • Can I use STAR in my ESL program?
  • The STAR Tool Kit was developed for use with intermediate-level adult learners – adults whose reading scores on the TABE, CASAS, or ABLE fall between the 4th and 8th grade-levels. Some English language learners who enroll in your program may fall in this skill level and could be placed in a STAR class with other intermediate adult readers. Be advised that the Tool Kit was not designed specifically for ESL classes, which have unique instructional requirements. For more information about English Language Learners, visit the English Language Learner University (ELL-U) on LINCS.

  • Whom do I contact for STAR training?
  • Visit the STAR Partners page to determine if your state participates in STAR and to find contact information for your state’s STAR point of contact. If your state does not participate in STAR, we encourage you to reach out to your state’s adult education office to indicate your interest in the STAR initiative. For general questions about STAR, please contact the STAR Network at