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Office of Career, Technical, and Adult Education, Division of Adult Education and Literacy

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Tool Kit, Training, and Technical Assistance

The STAR Tool Kit was pilot tested in six states and is now available to all states and programs through the Network. The Tool Kit is web-based and accompanies STAR training sessions. Training is delivered by experts in the field. All technical assistance can be completely customized.

Tool Kit features

  • Research articles, resources, and tools;
  • Audio/video examples of students and teachers;
  • Teaching strategies and techniques;
  • Interviews with students and teachers; and
  • Follow-up activities.

Training includes

  • Time to learn, practice, and reflect on the information in the Tool Kit;
  • Assessment of participant learning, so training is adjusted accordingly; and
  • Technical assistance to help build a foundation for sustainable improvements.

Technical Assistance

  • Site based support for implementation;
  • Classroom observations;
  • Action planning; and
  • Problem solving and resolution.